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Do You Produce Value Or Consume It?

Do You Produce Value Or Consume It?

Hey guys, Alex Wise here from Loveawake. I want you to think about this for a second: Are you...
Mature Dating : This Pisses Me Off

Mature Dating : This Pisses Me Off

So I've run across yet another post in the seduction world where someone is saying that looks don...
The Reality Of The Game

The Reality Of The Game

So I was thinking about the women that approached me, and actually got me, and I was also thinkin...

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A little time goes by, and a bunch of us end up sitting on a couch and a bunch of chairs out on the public patio space. For some reason I get bored or anxious or whatever, and I know my roommate has weed, so I tell him to bring some out. My new roommate is actually pretty alpha, and got laid last night (could it be that the law of attraction is working to bring this type of people into my life?!). Anyways, I end up smoking, and only one girl smokes with me while everyone else chills.

I could use your advice on LMR and general seduction. Last night in my apartment building there was a "wine and dine" type party with wine and food. I live in an apartment that is comprised of all graduate students, and actually the majority of them in the building are female, so it is a pretty sweet set up.

All crimes are becoming more prevalent. Is that ALSO the fault of Feminism? What you gentlemen don't seem to realize is that this guy makes you all look bad. This guy and every person defending him is lending validity to even the most ridiculous of Feminist arguments and I cannot imagine how you can fail to see this.

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