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Choosing a PC/Tablet App for Cruising: following, I have created a template example of some (but NOT all) navigation application software products and some (but NOT all) factors that cruisers might like to have available. The matrix, when complete, helps in selecting apps that will work for the personal preferences and navigational needs of different boats and different captains. There is a great deal of Internet folklore associated with all of these apps. Some are excellent for beginning cruisers, and some are capable of supporting advanced user requirements. By way of illustration, I have populated some (but NOT all) specific detail for products I personally own and have personally used. It’s clear that the matrix can provide a helpful visual means to screen products for personal suitability. app_matrix
SeaNav US/UK is a relatively new navigation app by PocketMariner that borrows its style and many of its features from the company’s signature app, Boat Beacon. With SeaNav a user can plan and navigate with NOAA vector charts in the United States and UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) charts in the UK and Ireland. Chart tiles automatically download as you scroll the high-level map view, and the display includes map, satellite or hybrid modes.
When the end-user posts a problem or a query to the Raymarine support forum, that often draws a lot of potential hints from other Raymarine equipment users. Sometimes, that is helpful. But the actual “experts” from Raymarine rarely “jump in” until there as been some largely wasted back-and-forth. Does the forum work? For user issues, yes; usually. For real engineering issues, it depends on how hard you, as a user, push the gorilla to get a satisfactory answer. If you get tired of the back-and-forth before the gorilla gets tired, you’ll go away empty-handed and frustrated.
The addition of GPS chips in many smartphones and tablets over the last decade has opened up the world of marine navigation to an invasion by a veritable armada of chartplotting apps to use as back-ups or complements to vessels’ inbuilt systems. The growth in this market has prompted fears that an overdependence on apps, which vary in accuracy and reliability, devalues the importance of traditional skills and even simple checks by eye, or the ‘Mk1 eyeball’, as sailors and other tech-heavy operators ironically describe it.
All app prices are listed in USD. This price was last verified in the US App Store 3 minutes ago and is subject to change.
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screen visibility in bright sunlight Own WishBuy can duplicate or replace broken instruments or complement obsolete instruments; iSailGPS is one of the least expensive navigation apps that uses the free NOAA raster charts. The app features chart download and management, as well as import/export of waypoints, routes and tracks. While navigating a route, data for position, distance, speed, bearing and heading are all displayed at the top of the screen. A: There are several ways to do this. The simplest is to touch the arrowhead in the top-left corner of the Navigation Window. Click on settings and turn on "Follow Vessel". Alternatively, you can double tap on the Navigate display and enable "Follow Vessel" there. All of these methods have the same effect. Note that as soon as you pan the display, the Follow Vessel setting will be disabled for you. Our free apps, SEAiq Free and SEAiq Open, require purchasing the in-app upgrade to enable the Follow Vessel feature. Having, SEAiq is for me a happy discovery, a big congratulations to the designer. Search Directly integrated with the iPad/Android and MacOS navigation app SEAiq.

[34621 KB] Update VER 4.8.1 SEAIQ VJISA 4.7.8 Updated for 10.14
[26708 KB] Software FZP6P SEAIQ VERSION 4.9.16 4.7.8 10.12.4
[38578 KB] Update V 4.9.14 SEAIQ DMCNT 4.4.11 Sierra
[30664 KB] App SEAiq vers.4.12.15 xm9cc 4.6.1 Recomended on iMac Pro
[29345 KB] Download C9Xz SEAiq version 4.7.4 4.5.0 High Sierra
[34621 KB] Update dUFK SEAiq ver 4.4.10 4.6.6 Best OS X
[31324 KB] Update SEAIQ VERS 4.5.7 JYZC 4.9.8 Updated Mac

Featured! version 8.35
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