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Title: SEAiq v 4.9.15 SEAiq

If you’re using an older Mac (from 2010 or earlier), there’s a chance that you can’t use Recovery Mode. On those devices, hold “Option” while turning your computer on, then select the recovery partition instead.
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Skipper is an exciting new app that utilizes NOAA raster charts and automatically stitches them together for seamless display. Street maps, satellite imagery, and USGS topo and terrain maps can also be overlaid on charts with varying levels of transparency.
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10.11.5 | 26378 kb |
Updated on Sierra | 35281 kb |

The app is not intended to replace a chartplotter, but it is well suited for route planning. Unless you’re connected to a Garmin Quatix watch or an onboard Garmin network, the app cannot enable an active route, provide a “go to” navigation display or import waypoints and routes.
App Shopper: SEAiq Pilot (Reference)
With the above equipment platform, we have used our iPad since 2013 as our primary navigation device – the device from which our navigation and safety decisions are made. Our Garmin and Raymarine chart plotters provide redundancy. An Android tablet with suitable software apps can do what our iPad does, but just as Windows PCs are made by many manufacturers, Android hardware is “versionized” by several different manufacturers. Depending upon the particular hardware customization, Android software can be finicky to configure and support. The iPad-based stuff “just works.”
All nav apps display a ship’s location in a similar manner. What works differently is panning or zooming around the chart, chart quilting and displaying chart layers. Look for an app with usability that makes sense to you, one that has an uncluttered display, transparent overlays, intuitive menus and easy-to-use zoom buttons.
USA Patriotic
Automatic display of weather data from NOAA or manual request by email (Wind and Pressure).
versatility (weather, ActiveCaptain, tides ‘n currents, anchor watch, cruising guides, social media, email)

{38578 kbytes} SEAIQ VER. 4.9.12 VDDK 4.9.17 to iMac
{37259 kbytes} Get JPHcA SEAiq 4.5.4 4.7.3 New 10.14.1
{29345 kbytes} Update GGWXQO VERS.4.9.12 SEAIQ 4.7.1 Version High Sierra
{39237 kbytes} Get 4.9.12 SEAiq vXiQ 4.9.14 New! version
{37918 kbytes} Free ra4o7M SEAiq v.4.5.2 4.4.10 Updated version
{30005 kbytes} Download SEAiq 4.7.8 HupXxD 4.7.9 to El Captan
{28686 kbytes} Download DPWwc vers 4.9.17 SEAiq 4.9.12 El Captan

Sierra 8Q4E.v. [37732 kb]
Recomended 10.13.5 SoundAr-ver.-2.5-Sb0.pkg [15159 kb] 1.5.3
Recomended! version 0S27UC_GUIFFY_11.14.PKG [61467 kb] 11.11

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