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The threading in OpenBLAS can interfere with the OpenMP resulting in segfaults. Either recompile OpenBLAS with USE_OPENMP=1 or disable threading with export OPENBLAS_NUM_THREADS=1 at runtime.
Library options needed to link to BLAS and LAPACK libraries. Any working BLAS/LAPACK installation is fine. If you are using Linux, ATLAS is a good option, and you should use something like the following:
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“In a Quip spreadsheet,” Taylor explained, “every cell is a completely independent atomic unit. … If you go into Quip and you make a spreadsheet cell bold while you’re offline, and another person adds four rows above that cell, it still works, because you didn’t change that cell within the context of the shape of the spreadsheet, or even within a file. You actually made a change to this thing with this unique ID.
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The product blurs the line between a desktop app and a cloud service. You get all the benefits of the cloud, like real-time collaboration and syncing across devices, with none of the user experience downsides.

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Apple Notes is installed on every Mac as part of Apple's productivity suite. What began as a simple iOS note taking app has evolved into a feature-packed cross-platform note taking solution. You can capture rich text notes with formatting, in-line images, checklists, and tables. There isn't a tagging system, but you can pull notes into folders or pin them to the top of the stack for better organization.
Boostnote for programmers or other people working with code
QUIPPY_DEFINES Preprocessor macros which should be defined when compiling quippy. Note that since the Fortran source files are preprocessed before being scanned by f90doc, it’s important to put all the -D options needed here and not in QUIPPY_F90FLAGS. QUIPPY_F90FLAGS and QUIPPY_F77FLAGS Extra flags to pass to Fortran 90 and 77 compilers QUIPPY_OPT Optimisation settings for Fortran compiler QUIPPY_DEBUG Set this to 1 to include debugging information in the compiled extension code. This also disables optimisation. QUIPPY_CPP Fortran preprocessor to use. Default is system cpp. QUIPPY_INSTALL_OPTS Installation options, e.g. specify --user to install for the current user --prefix=${PREFIX} to install in a non-default location. QUIPPY_NO_TOOLS If set to 1, omit compilation of extra tools such as the elasticity module. QUIPPY_NO_CRACK If set to 1, omit compilation of crack utilities. HAVE_NETCDF4 Should be set to 1 to enable NetCDF4 support. Should be read automatically from QUIP. NETCDF4_LIBS, NETCDF4_FLAGS Linker flags for compiling with NetCDF4 support, and flags for finding header files. Should be read automatically from QUIP. Common Problems¶
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In terms of core features, an effective system of organization in the form of notebooks, folders, or tags is a must. It should be just as easy to get information out of the app as it is to store information in the first place. Nearly all note taking apps include a search engine, but the best ones include powerful search engines that can search images, handwriting, or filter by set criteria.
will either install into the current virtualenv or attempt to install systemwide (usually fails without sudo). To install only for the current user (into ~/), execute the command QUIPPY_INSTALL_OPTS=--user make install-quippy, or use QUIPPY_INSTALL_OPTS=--prefix= to install into a specific directory. QUIPPY_INSTALL_OPTS can also be set in the file build/${QUIP_ARCH}/
Evernote Price: Free for Evernote basic; from $7.99/month for Evernote Premium, which offers advanced features like digitizing receipts, searching PDFs, and seeing version history of your notes.

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