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Main category - Multimedia Design
Sub category - Illustration
Developer - Lost Minds
Filesize - 14131
Title - Vectoraster

https://goolnk.com/qXPydL ➲ v 7.4.0 Vectoraster

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As always, there were some small initial hiccups during the move, but hopefully nothing anyone noticed, and now things should hopefully be working smoothly again.
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Fixes a bug with incorrect first regeneration when toggling dynamic elements off and on in repeater nodes.

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PatterNodes 1.5.1 update released Albeit not entirely design related, I told my friends at MacLegion I'd help spread the word... Today a new update to the node-based vector graphics tool Patternodes 2 was released with some new features, fixes and improvements. Version 7.0.2 Released 2016-11-11 The update also tweaks and improves some aspects of locking and moving dice, as well as the dice collisions sounds and handling device gravity with changing device orientation. Fixed undoing/redoing renaming nodes. Fixes a bug with the Make Seamless repeater in Demo mode on retina displays. Color Gradient and Color List nodes. New nodes giving you better and more convenient control over color patterns and gradients applied to an array of pattern elements based on some value (like the element array index).

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Version Mac mini VER-5.2.06-QUIP-LWKXJ7.TAR.GZ {18874 kbytes} 5.3.71
to 10.13.6 PD-VERSION-2.11-GIR29.ZIP {12157 kbytes} 3.5

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