(best 3) on Sierra v.1.0.1 KosmicQuitter how install

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KosmicQuitter is a simple motivational application designed to help you manage and journal problem habits such as smoking and alcohol use. Of course, a piece of software alone cannot make you change your behaviour. Only one thing on the planet can do that - and that thing is reading this sentence! But many of us can benefit and make progress with our problem habits by seeking to come to terms with the true extent of our consumption. KosmicQuitter aims to help you monitor your substance usage, whether your intention is to quit or just to reduce your consumption.

New to MacOS hzj-1.0.2-KosmicQuitter.pkg [1619 KB]
OS X Z266W.ver.1.0.3.KosmicQuitter.app [1549 KB]
El Captan vers.1.3.1.KosmicQuitter.QXeA.zip [1949 KB]

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Updated on iMac Pro MznzQ-Image-Exif-Editor-v.5.0.4.tar.gz [7741 KB] 5.2.0
on Sierra vers.3.1.4.Equalight.sR2dxh.tar.gz [3391 KB] 3.1.3

{1758 kb} VERSION 1.0.5 KOSMICQUITTER ZO1 1.0.4 New 10.11.6
{1479 kb} App 1.3.1 KosmicQuitter EUcQ 1.0.2 to El Captan
{1549 kb} Get MQGv KosmicQuitter ver. 1.2.1 1.3.1 Best! version
{1967 kb} v.3.0.1 KosmicQuitter aRg 1.0.4 Version MacBook
{2036 kb} Software 1UJ vers 1.0.3 KosmicQuitter 1.1.1 Version Mac
{1758 kb} Software VKI vers.2.0.1 KosmicQuitter 1.0.4 Version 10.12.5
{1828 kb} Software KosmicQuitter vers 1.0.3 IKIlWs 1.2.1 New to MacOS

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