(.app) Access BuzzFeed news from the Desktop. where download 10.14.1

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Trending News puts BuzzFeed news at your fingertips. Just click an icon in the menu bar, and glance at all important feeds in a drop-down window. If you are interested in reading more about any news item, just click on it to open it in your browser. Categories: LOL, Win, OMG, Cute, Fail, WTF, Trending. Trending News also supports the dark theme from OS X 10.10 Yosemite.


Updated Mojave VER._2.4_TRENDING_NEWS_QHIIO.DMG [1179 kb]
New Mojave ver._4.3_Trending_News_ILlBZ.zip [1327 kb]

Updated El Captan THE_CURSE_OF_THE_WEREWOLVES_CE_1.4_LTZL.ZIP [193331 kb] 1.1
OS X h5W_ver_1.0.0.15_Dr._Daisy_Pet_Vet.dmg [31073 kb]
Recomended to 10.14.3 tYAArq-Tealeaves-ver-2.7.3.tar.gz [11224 kb] 2.8.4
Featured to OS X VERS.3.2.13.KINGPIN.PRIVATE.BROWSER.B6Q7JX.PKG [56366 kb] 2.2.13

Get Trending News vers 3.3 Z4RuL 2.4 Recomended 10.12.6
Free TRENDING NEWS 4.3 UKYLY 2.5 Recomended OS X
Download Trending News vers 3.3 oaqwr0 4.3 Version for Mojave
Free Trending News vers.2.4 36oGn 2.6 for iMac
9TN7 TRENDING NEWS V 2.5 3.3 Featured MacOS

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