on Mojave how install 1.0.0 The Rainbow Machine ????

Description: The Rainbow Machine, 49459 KB, Puzzle, IKIGames, Games

➢ 1.0.0 The Rainbow Machine

The Rainbow Machine has been stolen by the evil Klepto Rats and now Tobi is embarked on an awesome adventure to recover it! Tobi needs your help! 140 colorful puzzles lie ahead! The Klepto Rats have hidden the pieces of the Rainbow Machine in treasure chests distributed throughout the game's fun levels, and you have to use a special Blue Sphere to open these treasure chests. At each level, your first action should be to spot the Blue Sphere and the treasure chest, and then move the level's Rebounder bars to change the trajectory of the Blue Sphere and direct it towards the treasure chest! If the Blue Sphere comes into contact with the treasure chest, it will be opened and you could get coins, wonderful trophies and even recover the stolen parts of The Rainbow Machine. Show that you are an incredible player, and complete each level on your first try! Finally, a caution notice: these Klepto Rats are no easy foes, and they are awaiting for you at the end of each island! Utterly defeat them and recover The Rainbow Machine! Good luck! Story: Troubles! The mischievous Klepto Rats have stolen The Rainbow Machine following the orders of their wicked leader, the perverse and merciless Big Boss! Even more, they plan to sell the machine and have hidden its pieces and materials in treasure chests distributed throughout several islands full of colorful and fun puzzles! Now you must help the brave Tobi in his puzzle-packed mission to recover The Rainbow Machine! Good luck! Game Levels: The game comprises 6 awesome islands, amounting to 140 playable colorful and fun levels. The islands are: - Farm: Here you will learn the the basic rules of the game. - Orange: These levels are full of oranges. They might help you, or they might hinder your way. - Star: Marshmallows everywhere! Puzzles of Star island demand high-precision playing. - Dream: Saws and monsters will try to stop you! - Castle: Bombs! Use bombs wisely to open paths to the treasure chests. - Temple: The evil Big Boss is awaiting for you! Special features: - Colorful and fantastic story scenes. - Collect coins! The Rainbow Machine includes a Store, and you will need plenty of coins to buy Extra Rebounders, Initial Impulse and other wonderful items that might prove really useful to reach treasure chests. - When you finish a level, you will see a Stars rating of your play. Open the treasure chests on your first try! That way, you'll get the maximum rating of 5 stars! - Find 16 pieces and materials of The Rainbow Machine. - Find 6 hidden trophies and show that you are an authority on The Rainbow Machine! - Mischievous bosses are awaiting for you at the end of each island! - Unlock islands by defeating bosses or rising your score. - Play a fun Jackpot stage at the end of some levels and win extra coins. - The game includes incredible puzzles based on bouncing marshmallows, breaking blocks with bombs, avoiding saws and monsters, bouncing off moving platforms and oranges, sliding ice blocks, and many more game actions. Controls: - Mouse control: - Left-click - Grab/drop a Rebounder's end (inside a level). Grab a Rebounder's end and move your mouse to change the Rebounder length and position. - Keyboard control: - Enter/Spacebar - Play/resume the game (inside a level) - R - Retry level (inside a level) - Alt + F4 - Close the game

to MacOS rVO-The-Rainbow-Machine-v-2.0.0.tar.gz
New to MacBook Pro v.1.1.0_The_Rainbow_Machine_Mdioc.zip
Featured MacBook The_Rainbow_Machine_v.1.0.4_BA5Q3s.dmg


Mac Pro S1CR4_3.005_ALICE'S_ADVENTURES_IN_WONDERLAND.ZIP | 95047 kb | 4.005
Mac Pro ver.1.3.MovieTool.D9TBhJ.pkg | 1339 kb | 2.0
New on El Captan OBI8Ms-Mah-Jong-Adventures-v.1.5.tar.gz | 26951 kb | 1.2
Updated version IHY_version_1.3.0_Grim_Facade:_The_Cost_of_Jealousy_CE.tar.gz | 578396 kb | 1.1.0
Updated for OS X DL5B_VER._1.5.1_LOREMBUILDER.DMG | 364 kb | 3.2.1

(41545 kb) Download THE RAINBOW MACHINE V.1.1.0 K6FYP 3.0.0 Best! version
(46986 kb) 1.0.3 THE RAINBOW MACHINE RQU 1.0.4 Featured! version
(54899 kb) Get V9NOVQ V 1.0.2 THE RAINBOW MACHINE 3.0.0 for 10.12

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