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Packed with features and customizable. If you're a serious scheduler, power features, such as customizable views and integrations with task management apps, will help you get the most out of your calendar. For those apps that aren't heavy on features, we looked for customization options that make the app adjust to your style.
Reminders for Apple Watch
Plan Your Time to The Perfection
Qbserve Price: $40
Click here for a list of remaining differences in functionality between Informant for macOS (milestone 8.5) & Informant for iOS.
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to OS X
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Thunderbird Calendar (Linux, macOS, Windows)
RescueTime (free; $9/mo., macOS, Windows) is a popular way to track the time you spend on your computer, with options to block distracting websites with a Premium subscription. Its free plan is a great way to start tracking your workday. Or, Timing (from $29; $49 for idle time tracking and reports, macOS) includes even more tools to track your work by app.
To-do list for Google Assistant
The Best Daily Planner App for Mac
Grocery list for Chrome
Magnet takes that further, letting you drag windows to the side or corner of your screen to show two, three, or four apps side-by-side. You can customize keyboard shortcuts to quickly snap windows to the spot you want or to switch desktops and move windows along with you. It maximizes your screen real estate, one that works similarly to the default window organizing options in Windows.

Free version 2.6 Agenda jnOrz 1.4 Best for MacBook Air
Update VERS.1.4 AGENDA IENPTR 5.8 Version 10.13.5
Update l9eckR Agenda 5.5 1.2 Recomended MacOS
Update AGENDA 5.8 KH01M 2.2.1 Updated version
Update ZVK AGENDA VER. 5.3 2.2 to 10.12
Software Agenda version 2.1 Ss7 2.1.1 Best! version
Download Agenda 2.5 LZj0vJ 5.6 to MacOS

High Sierra {11715 kbytes} 1.4.5
Updated for MacBook Pro {37044 kbytes} 2.2.11

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