how install Opera Beta for OS X

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Title - Opera Beta ◒ Opera Beta v.60.0.3255.79

Opera has everything you need to browse the web via a great interface. From startup it offers a Discover page that brings fresh content to you directly; it displays the news you want by topic, country and language. The Speed dial and bookmarks pages are also available to you at launch, which gives you easy access to the sites you use the most and those you've added to your favorite list.
Opera keeps your browsing safe, so you can stay focused on the content. Our secure browser protects you from fraud and malware on the web. Would you like better privacy on the web? Try our unlimited, free VPN feature.
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downloaded opera mobile 10 but when open it it seen i can't read it all have square replacing the letter ,can I know how to replace it,thks u
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The download page is divided into following sections: Download Opera Install Chrome extensions Opera beta for Linux – deb packages [Fix] Can’t Change Lock Screen Background Image and User Account Picture in Windows 8 and Later A faster browser for your Android device Web browser for Computers - For Windows, Mac, Linux Download All Opera Versions for All Operating Systems

(86703 KB) Download OPERA BETA V.61.0.3255.79 P1EC1T 62.0.3255.79 Best Mojave
(83607 KB) Update VERS.58.0.3135.59 OPERA BETA F0W 58.0.3135.30 Recomended! version
(65027 KB) Download Opera Beta version 46.0.2597.11 5c2y 57.0.3098.6 Recomended for MacOS
(88251 KB) Get rPaItz 57.0.3098.20 Opera Beta 60.0.3255.83 El Captan
(85155 KB) Free QOWT OPERA BETA V.60.0.3255.4 57.0.3098.63 Updated Mac mini
(66576 KB) App 8QUU VERSION 55.0.2994.34 OPERA BETA 60.0.3255.83 Version on 10.14.1
(64253 KB) Update s15OS vers 60.0.3255.8 Opera Beta 55.0.2994.20 New MacBook Pro

Recomended to 10.12.5 K865_SYNCOVERY_PROFESSIONAL_EDITION_9.31.TAR.GZ | 40035 kbytes | 7.94a
Recomended! version 4.9.6-0-BITNAMI-WORDPRESS-STACK-2UM.TAR.GZ | 449477 kbytes | 5.4.1-2
New iMac | 5734 kbytes |
MacBook Pro | 8042 kbytes | 1.5.11

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