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It depends on what mount do you use and what software do you use to control it. AstroGuider can use ST4 port on the camera, GSUSB ST4 device, proprietary EQMac protocol (probably the best solution if you use some kind of EQDir device), LX200 or NexStar protocol over serial port or network (but NexStar is something we can't recommend).
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Where to start with Autoguiding on a Mac? - Beginning and Intermediate Imaging
AstroGuider by CloudMakers, s. r. o.
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* Through ASCOM Need to install ASCOM driver at first.
Sierra | 37959 kbytes |
Updated version | 28987 kbytes |
to 10.12 | 40375 kbytes |

- Poor star box changed to dotted line and good star green brightened to better see w/red lith. Other color / red-lith tweaks as well.
- Stop button now far more responsive
A powerful new software to operate the SX Oculus, is now available from:
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We have redesigned the main board of our Trius cameras and improved both the read noise and download times. The new range has been named 'Trius PRO' and is now available for purchase. In addition, a new Trius PRO camera has been added to the range. This is the PRO-834, which uses a Sony ICX834 CCD with 12 megapixels. This very high resolution chip has 3.1 micron square pixels and is very well matched to the short focus, fast optics, of many modern telescopes. PRO-834

(29332 KB) Free 9M5PQ AstroGuider vers.3.11 5.10 Updated for MacOS
(28297 KB) Free 6C7ld version 3.2 AstroGuider 4.10 Updated on OS X
(38650 KB) App JJNYgY AstroGuider 3.5 4.10 Language Spanish
(30022 KB) Full ASTROGUIDER V.3.13 SNDQVU 4.10 Best Sierra
(28987 KB) Download fV5 AstroGuider 3.12 3.6 Version on OS X
(34163 KB) Torrent DLOM ASTROGUIDER V.3.2 3.14 New iMac
(33128 KB) Latest 7exo 3.8 AstroGuider 3.2 to 10.11.6

New! version V.2018.2.15F1-UNITY-V3N.TAR.GZ 2019.1.0f2
OS X v.3.1_Debit_&_Credit_DY0Xc.tar.gz 2.9.3
Updated to El Captan MobiKin_Doctor_for_Android_vers_2.5.14_VwaCr.dmg 2.2.18

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