(app) vers. 1.5.5 SAN Fusion how install on Mojave

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◌ SAN Fusion v.1.5.5

SAN Fusion is an easy and cost-effective solution that allows you to use Avid Media Composer with your existing Xsan infrastructure. By using an existing Xsan volume as a backing-store for SAN Fusion's virtualized workspaces, editors can experience authentic Unity-style bin sharing and locking from within Media Composer 5.5.3 or later. Unlike other solutions that purport to make Avid work with Xsan, SAN Fusion is a client-side application with no additional server or minimum number of seats to buy. SAN Fusion clients mount and unmount workspaces on demand through our intuitive GUI to provide Media Composer a real-time translation layer between it and Apple's Xsan filesystem. The end result is the best of both worlds: Avid's first class bin and media sharing combined with Apple's storage-agnostic low (or no) cost cluster filesystem. Note: Price available by phone or email. Visit the trial page for more information.

Updated 10.12.6 SAN-Fusion-vers-3.5.5-Mla.pkg (5744 kbytes)
Best 10.12.6 1.5.7_SAN_FUSION_NBIUQN.TAR.GZ (7095 kbytes)
Updated MacBook Pro QEbE-SAN-Fusion-vers.1.7.5.app (6487 kbytes)
Featured! version woe-san-fusion-ver-2.5.5.app (5811 kbytes)

SAN Fusion, LLC.
Official: http://www.sanfusion.com

Updated for Mac Qq7sk2_ver_5.3_xList.app {5720 kb} 7.1
Best 10.11.5 FLeIB_RemoteHelper_vers.4.2.16.tar.gz {2113 kb} 4.5.12

App V.1.5.8 SAN FUSION 1HD6 3.5.5 10.11.4
KJZ SAN FUSION 1.5.8 1.7.5 New El Captan
SAN FUSION 1.6.5 GUNGI 2.5.5 New! version
Update 6fv ver 1.8.5 SAN Fusion 1.6.5 for iMac
Update SAN Fusion version 1.5.7 8qoHpP 1.5.8 Featured for MacOS
App YWRLp SAN Fusion ver 1.8.5 1.5.8 Version 10.14.2

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