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Natural Cut and Paste experience. October 10, 2015 / Version: XtraFinder 0.25.5 {{rorMsg}} Our Staff Screen Recorder XtraFinder also supports keyboard shortcuts that you can customize. If a shortcut is not something you would use, you can fully disable it so it doesn’t get in the way of your work. Otherwise, you can replace the same key combination to trigger another useful shortcut.
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.. please read on! I love writing articles that provide beneficial information, tips and examples to my readers. All information on my blog is provided free of charge and I encourage you to share it as you wish. There is a small favour I ask in return however - engage in comments below, provide feedback, and if you see mistakes let me know. WindowsTabs (Free) Click the red frame to add a tab. 0 persons liked this post. 3. In the Terminal window, type "csrutil enable --without debug" A free app for Mac, by Tran Ky Nam More XtraFinder Tips XtraFinder Support

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Recomended on iMac 3.15

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