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Developer - PG Music, Inc.
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Fixed: It was not possible to enter note-based lyrics if the Notation Window was floating.
The M tells us that a Melody is recorded. The G is always present in song names telling us that it is a song. The U tells us that the style is a user style.
Make complex songs:
And I still use it almost every week.
Summary of Changes for June 2, 2010
Fixed: The vertical zoom buttons in the Audio Edit window were missing.

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A current user of Band-in-a-Box 2007 For Windows. Fixed: Show bar numbers every page did not work for printing/leadsheet. Band-in-a-Box is a popular music program for desktop Mac's and PC's. Fixed: The [B][P][D][G][S][M][S] buttons in the Big Piano window were not being updated for custom/automatic track names. Dunno. Maybe there's a perfectly valid reason for it, but I've always wondered HOW people use this and/or why? Fixed: Opening the event list [#] in the Notation window would cause a crash if there were zero events on the current track. Added: ScrollWheel support for the Notation and Leadsheet windows. Logic Plug-Ins Explained

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