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Title - Little Snitch ◉ 4.3.1 Little Snitch

Yes - anything that doesn't need to be accessing the internet. Plus Google things that phone home. It's fun to watch them get frustrated and light up red in the activity monitor as they desperately try to send back metrics.
I disagree. There are a lot of sites out there that detect your OS and only show you downloads appropriate for your platform.
This is primarily why I allow tracking by websites I use on a daily basis.
If, for any reason, you prefer to search for files manually, here are directories where Little Snitch’s remains may be. All of them are located in the hidden Library folder. If you don’t know how to open hidden folders, read our previous article 3 ways to get the Library folder.
System Requirements
But it's billed as a stronger (ie hacker) protection, for which it's useless, so I never liked it.

for 10.12 {45643 KB}
for iMac {47433 KB}
Recomended on 10.12.4 {53698 KB}

Inbound logging
Little Snitch is a firewall which provides your Mac with a safe connection and lets you control the inbound and outbound traffic. But if you’ve decided to uninstall Little Snitch, here are two ways how to do that: the manual way and the automatic way. In this article, we will explain how to remove Little Snitch through its native uninstaller and through App Cleaner.
Is there a comunity-curated list of rules I can import to LS?
Download at
In short, Little Snitch is one of the best apps, to keep an eye on your Mac’s Internet connections. But, do we really need an alternative? Well, for starters, it costs you over $40 and upgrades are extra. This alone can be a reason to look for alternatives that cost nothing or at least relatively cheaper than Little Snitch.
Yes. Applications only get access to the resources needed to do what I want them to. Sorry, nobody gets telemetry.
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Although you can filter and view the results by application or by incoming and outgoing traffic, Private Eye doesn’t have the power to alter any of these connections. You get just enough information to know when an app connects to a server without authorization.

| 46538 KB | App TA7Q 4.3.2 LITTLE SNITCH 4.2.1 Recomended on iMac Pro
| 35799 KB | Download c26Y Little Snitch vers.4.0 4.1.3 Version on High Sierra
| 49223 KB | 2B0F LITTLE SNITCH 4.3.3 4.0.4 Featured! version
| 47433 KB | Free H9Ya ver. 4.3.5 Little Snitch 4.2.2 Featured! version
| 36694 KB | Update Little Snitch 4.3.2 GxJzBq 4.2.4 to MacBook
| 50118 KB | Free A9vcfw version 4.3 Little Snitch 4.3.2 MacOS
| 48776 KB | Download iZ9xh Little Snitch version 4.0 4.3 Recomended for MacOS

New on 10.13.5 VERS-5.4.38-QUIP-RVE.PKG {20858 kbytes} 5.2.26
10.14.3 NRGship_UPS_Pro_2.3_DmMzvN.pkg {28834 kbytes} 2.4

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