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Main category, Utilities
Sub category, File Management
Developer, Erwin Bonsma
Filesize, 3174
Title, GrandPerspective GrandPerspective vers.2.2.1

When installed, GrandPerspective 1.5.1 creates files in several locations. Generally, its additional files, such as preference files and application support files, still remains on the hard drive after you delete GrandPerspective 1.5.1 from the Application folder, in case that the next time you decide to reinstall it, the settings of this program still be kept. But if you are trying to uninstall GrandPerspective 1.5.1 in full and free up your disk space, removing all its components is highly necessary. Continue reading this article to learn about the proper methods for uninstalling GrandPerspective 1.5.1.
Apache Directory Studio (LDAP)
macwinexpert: "you can use it to find disk space that you do not need"
What's New:
ChrisTheAppleOne: "I went from 34GB to 72GB [free space] so that really helped"
I have even found a directory here: /Library/Python/2.5/site-packages/vboxapi
Featured on iMac
Featured for iMac Pro
Version Mac mini

"a great, simple tool that allows you to monitor how your hard drive space is being used."
Configurable user preferences
DVDRemaster (Commercial)
XRay (Shareware) Optionally installs a contextual menu item
• Improved crash reports (by adding symbol info)
Note: Requires 64-bit processor.
Hatari Requires SDL to be installed as a framework in /Library/Frameworks

Download VYX v 2.0.0 GrandPerspective 2.3.1 Best for High Sierra
Download vers.2.1.0 GrandPerspective vn0 2.1.1 Featured 10.12.4
Software GRANDPERSPECTIVE VER 2.5.1 H21ZN 3.2.1 Updated 10.12.6
GRANDPERSPECTIVE VERS 2.3.1 3QBUV 2.2.3 Recomended! version
Download GrandPerspective v.2.0.0 MjZU 2.2.5 Updated version
Download GrandPerspective ver. 3.2.1 8Lqx4V 2.3.1 Recomended iMac Pro
Get GRANDPERSPECTIVE 2.3.1 PSD 2.1.1 Best 10.13.5

Recomended to 10.12 (586035 kb) 3.1.31
Version 10.11.5 OMNIPLAN-PRO-VERS-3.15.2-ELH.DMG (97358 kb) 3.12.5
New for Sierra VER.1.3.1.ISTATISTICA.PRO.LWDBWH.APP (6283 kb) 3.0.1
Featured El Captan 6SUEai_vers_5.5.3_Greenfoot.pkg (218040 kb) 3.5.6

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