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Download EventScripts by David Blishen
The new Mac hardware is definitely interesting. The Mac mini didn’t just get a speed bump, but a major boost. Apple has clearly recognized that the mini is not only being used as a cheap entry-level Mac, but as a “Pro” device where an iMac, iMac Pro or Mac Pro is overkill.
OS X has its own method of inserting special characters but it isn’t as configurable as I would like and non-accented special characters are inserted using a special viewer.
About Wil Gomez
Finder seems to cache application icons so you might not see any change. Drag it into your Applications folder and the new icon should be visible there.
Going Further
on MacBook Air [7913 KB]
Updated iMac [7631 KB]

-- To receive the eventArgs parameter -- we wrap the script in an on run handler on run eventArgs tell application "iTunes" to set current AirPlay devices to AirPlay device "Computer" end run
This script is only invoked once, each reboot, because HP-UX's auto_parms assumes that leased addresses will not change. This is usually the case.
.. layer updating starts
Download the 64-bit or 32-bit version of Cygwin from here.
if application “Box Sync” is running then
Official source:
Events broadcast by Templater in version 2.7.0 and later

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to Mojave 3.12.3
Recomended for OS X XDT.VERS.

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