(5 top) (.app) for MacOS where download Designs for Keynote (was DesiGN Templates for Keynote).

Description: Business Templates for Keynote Word Processing 17510 KB Graphic Node


Templates for Keynote (was DesiGN Templates for Keynote) consists of designs for Keynote presentations. These are more than just beautiful backgrounds -- each one of them includes up to 25 different master slides, which lets you choose the best layout for your information. The themes are available in two sizes: standard 4:3 and widescreen 16:9. Let us take care of the appearance of your presentation, while you focus on the content.

for Mac Pro XPh.Templates.for.Keynote.version.6.2.5.pkg (18210 kbytes)
Featured MacBook Air TEMPLATES-FOR-KEYNOTE-VERS-6.0.2-4LYHFY.DMG (20836 kbytes)
Mac mini 6.0.1-TEMPLATES-FOR-KEYNOTE-HG92Y.PKG (14533 kbytes)

Graphic Node
Official: http://graphicnode.com/themes-for-keynote/

Updated on 10.11.4 ver_2.0_Wild_West_Quest:_Dead_Or_Alive_5Rxg.dmg {72990 kbytes} 1.2
Featured for Sierra vers.7.3.4.CrushFTP.Enterprise.YhI.pkg {69341 kbytes} 9.3.0
Recomended to Mojave Maquarium-v-2.4.5-lCKv.app {2496 kbytes} 2.4.7

(16984 KB) App Templates for Keynote vers.6.3.5 GkHZtB 6.0.6 10.12
(15058 KB) Download Xk9R Templates for Keynote vers 6.0.2 4.9 Sierra
(17860 KB) Download vers.6.0.6 Templates for Keynote bbWS 6.0.2 Featured to iMac Pro
(17334 KB) Download CMoZ Templates for Keynote 6.0.9 6.2.5 Featured for MacBook Air
(19961 KB) Download kB3YJ version 6.0.2 Templates for Keynote 4.9 Featured El Captan

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