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Changes in PeptideShaker 1.13.1 (August 19. 2016): massifquant LIBRARY UPDATE: Updated utilities to version 3.49.9. LIBRARY UPDATE: Updated utilities to version 4.8.4. ➝➝➝ PeptideShaker 1.16.12 FEATURE IMPROVEMENT: Minor formatting improvement in the PeptideShakerMethods export.

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Submitted datasets are 'private' by default, which means you need to be logged-in to view your data. We will however also create a PX reviewer account for your submission which you can include in your manuscript. The PX reviewer account will give you access to all of the files belonging to your submission. You can access the private dataset files in two ways: via the PRIDE Archive web page or via PRIDE Inspector.
open source hybrid database and spectral library MS/MS search engine [78]
LIBRARY UPDATE: Updated utilities to version 4.11.4.
For this you need to use the new version of PRIDE Inspector.
data independent MS/MS deconvolution for metabolomics [44]
Vaudel et al. Nature Biotechnol. 2015 Jan;33(1):22–24.
Open PRIDE Inspector by clicking on the file in the tool's working directory -> Private Download -> ProteomeXchange -> PX reviewer account details. You can open the PRIDE XML and mzIdentML 'RESULT' files with PRIDE Inspector or just download all the files that you wish to investigate.
Using enrichment strategies many research groups are routinely producing large data sets of post-translationally modified peptides for proteomic analysis using tandem mass spectrometry. Although search engines are relatively effective at identifying these peptides with a defined measure of reliability, their localization of site/s of modification is often arbitrary and unreliable. The field continues to be in need of a widely accepted metric for false localization rate that accurately describes the certainty of site localization in published data sets and allows for consistent measurement of differences in performance of emerging scoring algorithms. In this article are discussed the main strategies currently used by software for modification site localization and ways of assessing the performance of these different tools. Methods for representing ambiguity are reviewed and a discussion of how the approaches transfer to different data types and modifications is presented.

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