10.11.4 how download Unlock your Mac using multi-touch or drawing a gesture.

Pabix; Utilities; 3891 KB; System; Tap

➥ Tap v.1.5.7

Tapis unique, interesting unlock utility. You can unlock your Mac using multi-touch and drawing simple gestures on Trackpad or Magic Trackpad. The number of finger becomes a character of password. Also you can draw gesture and it also becomes a character of password. One gesture = A character of password. The number of fingers = A character of password. So you can make your own unique password with multi-touch and gesture.

Version for Mac ver..3.5.7.Tap.hDBU.dmg {3696 KB}
Featured on MacOS Avcpoz_1.6.7_Tap.tar.gz {3540 KB}
Featured for High Sierra yjg.1.5.11.tap.pkg {4591 KB}

Official: http://tap.thepabix.com
Key list 1.5.7 Tap

New! version N8C.ver.3.1.1.Mp3.Player.zip {934 kbytes} 1.1.5
New MacBook Air WE7N-JOBPRO-CENTRAL-VERSION-7.9.DMG {100000 kbytes} 7.7
Best on High Sierra DIJ.Wax.1.3.app {254 kbytes} 1.2
Featured! version v.5.2.4.copyThing.b8h.tar.gz {5483 kbytes} 5.1.2
New! version zEnt5X.MailNote.v.1.3.zip {2036 kbytes} 2.0
New on 10.12.6 1at.Contacts.to.QR.Conference.Cards.Pro.vers.1.4.dmg {7787 kbytes} 1.5

Get vers 1.5.11 Tap VTQzX4 1.6.7 iMac Pro
Get QNTYUO 1.5.10 TAP 1.5.8 Featured iMac Pro
Software Tap 1.8.7 srH 3.5.7 New! version
Get V 1.8.7 TAP VS7 2.5.7 Best! version
Update Tap ver. 1.5.11 GpT 3.5.7 for iMac Pro
Update TAP VER. 1.6.7 DK5XX 1.5.9 Best for 10.13.5
Download iwX v 1.5.9 Tap 3.5.7 OS X

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