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Scalex is a digital engineering company that partners with startups and SMBs to provide end-to-end product development services by leveraging the power of digital technologies such as Mobile, Cloud, and Analytics. We cater to FinTech, Education, Healthcare, E-commerce, On-demand, and Media & Entertainment industries.Scalexcloud is one of the leading native mobile app development company in India and USA. We develop Custom app for iPhone and Android platform for enterprises, agencies and Start-ups.

Among all the other digital engineering companies, what sets us apart – is the end-to-end product solutions we offer with a customer-centric approach and agile methodologies. We provide value-driven solutions with unique experience across multiple platforms, devices, and versions with continued support and maintenance. We leverage cutting-edge technologies and proven methodologies to respond to your short-term and long-term needs. With Scalex, every engagement is a success with thoughtful engineering.


  • Имя: Scalex
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