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I think there's something to be said for out of the box sync and integration with calendar support. Within 10 minutes, I have my phone / computer setup to Noteplan. It is synced with my calendars and I'm playing around with the different syntax to create events and lists.
To be honest, though, this is just icing. Deliveries is already so good, you should just buy it. I don’t care much for the Siri support, but I do like having it sit in my Today view, telling me about any changes to my delivery status.
You'll need to modify your NotePlan directory in each geeklet. Simply open GeekTool and select each module one at a time. In the Properties window, select the ... next to Command. Underneath the Changelog you'll find the custom options. Replace the XXX in the userDir value to your user name.
NotePlan comes with a calendar, Markdown notes, and to-do lists. The Calendar view lets you see the big picture like the Monthly Log in your paper journal does.
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I would have love to put my colleague note on our internal slack, the html export was the closest thing I could use but in practise the generate code is so crapy that it's wasn't possible without spending a lot of time cleaning up the mess and nobody were able to properly find something in his many years worth of internal knowledge base.

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Download: Microsoft OneNote (Free)
Waltr gives you one of the best seamless ways to sync music and other media with your iPhone wirelessly. That means no more struggling with iTunes.
Say a lot with a little
Students, teachers, and academic institutions worldwide are eligible for free access to Autodesk software. Yes, free. We genuinely believe in education.
There are some things it does not do as well as Mind Meister (MM), but I am super picky about mind mapping.
In NotePlan, tasks are created as Markdown lists. You can have it recognize any list item as a task, or tell it that only lines with a checkbox (- [ ] Thing to do) are action items. There's an extra keyboard row available when editing that makes it easy to create items, complete or cancel them, or even schedule them for a future date.
Keyboard navigation inside the mini calendar.
Trello’s cross-platform availability is a big plus for bullet journaling, and so are its automation capabilities. You can set up the app to create boards (for modules) and cards (for dates) on a schedule.

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