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Later is a basic reminder app for iOS and Mac. Its unique approach allows you to plot out reminders based on real-life presets.
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If you work on the same project every day, set a default project. Then, all you have to do is type what you’re working on and start the timer, and the project will be selected automatically.
App name: remind
3. Todoist

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1. Launch the Mail app on your Mac by clicking on Launchpad in your dock and searching for and clicking on Mail. Sign in CalDAV Delegate Support Get important details about battery health, such as used cycles, capacity, and time until full discharge, depending on usage. Wunderlist at its core is a list making app. You can set up and manage as many lists as you'd like. If you want, you can share those lists with family members or colleagues. Anyone added to a list can then contribute tasks to it. Wunderlist goes a little further and adds tags and a few other options to make searching and organization easier. Wunderlist premium subscribers get access to even more features including collaboration. For most basic lists however, the free version of Wunderlist is more than enough. Published by 14-day free trial You can do it in Notes though. So I can select a note. So I have various notes here. I'll select this note here, the test one. "Remind me about this note in one hour". OK, I'll remind you. So now I'll switch to another note and Quit the Notes app and then I will use this reminder and it will take me right to the test note. So that works. It also works in Messages. So you can go in the Messages app and you can be on a specific conversation here. "Remind me about this message in one hour". OK, I'll remind you. You can then Quit the Messages app and then when the alert arrives it will take you right to that conversation here in Messages. So it's great way if you can't respond to somebody right now to get a reminder at some point in the future to continue that conversation then.

(7415 KB) Update V.1.1.8 IREMIND BJI6 1.1.7 on Sierra
(8505 KB) Software BVOI iRemind v.1.1.8 1.2.3 iMac Pro
(8287 KB) App ver 1.2.5 iRemind zbx 1.1.7 Best! version
(6470 KB) Software BEhQoX ver. 1.1.7 iRemind 2.2.1 El Captan
(8651 KB) Update v.1.2.3 iRemind tVs 1.5.1 Recomended MacOS
(8433 KB) iRemind vers 1.1.9 WLKK7 1.1.7 Best MacOS
(6688 KB) Update Ces v.3.2.1 iRemind 1.1.9 Featured 10.11.6

Updated on El Captan (722810 KB) 9.7.0-0
Featured on Mac mini Quip-5.2.06-c9rEO.tar.gz (16711 KB) 7.4.84
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