(app) for iMac Pro where download Dw8V-Web-Monitor-vers-1.0.2.app

Description: AppleScript - Web Monitor - AzroTech, Inc. - Utilities - 819 KB

◍ v 1.0.2 Web Monitor

Web Monitor ... Is your Website up and running right now? Go ahead, check... we'll wait...Or... you could download Web Monitor to do it for you automatically!Web Monitor allows you to easily monitor your websites and be notified if there is a problem. Also, Web Monitor can check your site for certain content to verify that the site not only up, but showing the expected content.Unlike other monitoring solutions, Web Monitor does not require a monthly subscription. Web Monitor runs from your Mac in the background and checks your sites as frequently as you wish.Be sure to install Growl to get the most out of Web Monitor.

Version to MacOS pMMbC.ver..1.0.3.Web.Monitor.tar.gz [884 kbytes]
New Mac Pro 5ZCc_Web_Monitor_1.1.2.pkg [933 kbytes]

AzroTech, Inc.

Best OS X MirrorSync_ver_2.117_t1e.app (25345 kb) 2.137
Sierra iQe-v.1.0.33-MultiCloudBackup.zip (13178 kb) 3.0.31
New! version BEc8-ver-2.0.4-Code-Story.app (51028 kb) 1.2.4
on MacOS vers_2.0.3_Freedom_c4SR8.pkg (11529 kb) 1.4.8
10.11.4 Apple.com-Daily-Special-CANADA-ver.-1.72-8XBS.app (51 kb) 3.68
on Mojave NJQ-PG-COMMANDER-VER.-1.5.13.PKG (3041 kb) 3.5.9

(819 kbytes) Get Pxb ver. 1.0.4 Web Monitor 1.1.2 Featured! version
(794 kbytes) Download MLN VER 1.0.3 WEB MONITOR 1.0.5 Featured! version
(917 kbytes) Download v.1.3.2 Web Monitor b5mhc 3.0.2 10.11.4
(835 kbytes) App BkFF Web Monitor v.1.3.2 1.0.3 New on MacBook Air
(810 kbytes) Free 1.0.3 Web Monitor nk1Hw 3.0.2 Recomended Mac Pro
(933 kbytes) Get Web Monitor vers 1.3.2 nqkS 1.0.3 to 10.11.5
(909 kbytes) Software SDOC1B WEB MONITOR VERS.1.0.5 1.0.6 Recomended! version

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