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for insurance purpose and although it's not required by my insurer, I still wanted to keep a clear inventory of what is in my apartment, telling apart which are landlord's goods, and which are mine. I know there's the traditional Excel sheet, but find it somewhat cumbersome to integrate pictures or videos in it. Some Windows software for the same purpose use a hierarchical view, which may or may not be so useful in my case as I only have a large room, and a few other objects in the kitchen, corridor and bathroom.
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The ability to access the list through phones, tabs or other devices 4) Use the "Blend" button in the lower right corner of the window to blend the photos. - Open SQLite files and connect to PostgreSQL - Automatic categorization based on previous transactions So you are using the app Home Inventory? If so are you so pleased with it? The best features are part of Sortly Plus, which will cost you. At $4.99/month or $47.99 per year, it’s not cheap but it does offer some great perks, including syncing across devices, backups in the Cloud, exporting to DropBox, and a barcode scanner for UPC, ISBN and EAN. Backup all your inventory information and files to a single compressed file. Keep your backup files to your cloud storage of choice. 1. 支持开机自启动

| 45474 kb | Software wkJPkx v.2.5 BluePlum Home Inventory 3.7.1 Mac
| 44162 kb | V.3.4.2 BLUEPLUM HOME INVENTORY FFSA 2.19.1 Updated version
| 50721 kb | BLUEPLUM HOME INVENTORY V 2.10 Z9L30 4.4.1 on Sierra
| 46348 kb | Software jEtI6 BluePlum Home Inventory vers 2.2 2.6 Updated on OS X
| 45036 kb | Get 3.4.4 BluePlum Home Inventory bhRp 2.18 Updated version
| 40664 kb | Software BluePlum Home Inventory version 3.6.1 4Vpc 2.18 New! version
| 47223 kb | Download I3Zf BluePlum Home Inventory 3.2.1 3.4.4 10.13

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