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For professional floor planners, we’d have to say Homestyler is the best as it’s made by the same makers of AutoCAD for Mac, is incredibly powerful yet is totally free to use.
- DreamPlan User
SmartDraw is a remarkably slick and easy to use online 2D diagramming software that’s excellent for creating 2D floor plans and blueprints.
Annotate the plan with room areas, dimension lines, texts and show the North direction with a compass rose.
Something to be aware of when choosing a program is the file types the finished designs can be saved as, especially if you intend to export and share your ideas with an architect, general contractor or interior decorator. Professional software is compatible with only a few types of files, and even then, it depends on the program. If you know the format your builder uses, you can look at our comparison chart to ensure the program you purchase creates a compatible file. Typically, CAD software accept DXF and DWG file formats.
The export options are limited – there’s no DMG support for example and you can’t share directly to social media but you can save floor plans in JPG format.

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