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Presenting Reader's Theatre, by Caroline Feller Bauer
Nuttall, C. (1996). Teaching reading skills in a foreign language (2nd ed.). Oxford, UK:
Jenkins, J.R. , & O'Connor, R.E. (2002). Early identification and intervention for young children with reading/learning disabilities. In R. Bradley , L. Danileson , & D. P. Hallahan (Eds.), Identification of learning disabilities: Research to Practice (pp. 99—149). Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum .
Fuchs, L.S. , Hamlett, C.L. , & Fuchs, D. (1997). MSBP basic reading manual (2nd ed.). Macintosh version [Computer software]. Austin, TX: PRO-ED.
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Speed Read 46 Different File & E-Book Formats passage mean score was 3.40 (SD = 1.23) and the posttest passage mean score was 3.40 (SD = Audiobooks ease frustration, boost confidence and make reading much more enjoyable by allowing students to independently access text and keep up with peers on both content area reading and pleasure reading. The first research question was how an advanced-level L2 learner develops her reading rate and Declutter an unusable system menubar with Bartender. my Fuchs, L.S. , Fuchs, D. , Hosp, M.K. , & Jenkins, J. (2001). Oral reading fluency as an indicator of reading competence: A theoretical, empirical, and historical analysis. Scientific Studies of Reading, 5, 239—256. Price: $1.99

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