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‼ Tab Notes vers.1.7.6

Tab Notes is a menu-bar application which keeps your notes tidy and easy to access, and your screen uncluttered. Click on your screen edge, and a note pops up! - Click on your screen's edge to take a note. - Document file types are conventional RTF (Rich Text) and RTFD (Rich Text with images). Not proprietary format. (This application uses "Comment" property in RTF) - RTF documents can be synchronized with iPhone via Dropbox. This means you can view them from any device with Dropbox installed. - Documents folder can be any folder in your home folder. - Supports versioning. OS X keeps documents' previous versions. (This app does not contain version browser. Please use TextEdit to browse version files.) - Customisable with original themes created in Tab Notes Theme Editor This application is a menu-bar app: its icon does not appear in Dock. You can change preferences from the icon in the menu bar. Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

to 10.13.4 ver-1.6.1-Tab-Notes-dFl.pkg (3280 kbytes)
Version Sierra 60S_1.7.5_TAB_NOTES.ZIP (4165 kbytes)


Updated version {4280 kbytes} 1.3.4
Recomended iMac Pro {8475 kbytes} 1.8.2
Updated on Mojave M1XC-ALIEN-SWARMZ-3.5.4.ZIP {10827 kbytes} 2.5.4

[3907 KB] Get v 1.7.5 Tab Notes SJ9U 1.7.8 iMac
[3354 KB] App vers.1.6.1 Tab Notes ysmi 1.7.5 Updated version
[3464 KB] Download Tab Notes ver. 1.7 qPr61r 1.7.1 Updated version
[3833 KB] Get Tab Notes vers.1.7.7 Rm2 1.7.1 Updated iMac

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