for 10.11.4 where download tipsy stack 1.0.2

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v.1.0.2 Tipsy Stack

Tipsy is a stack that lets you easily create good-looking tooltips on a Web page. When a visitor hovers the mouse pointer over some words, the tooltip is shown. Tooltips help to place more information on your Web pages without making them look cluttered. They can also provide "hints", or little nuggets of information to your visitors.

Best! version [58 kbytes]
Recomended! version [54 kbytes]
El Captan [55 kbytes]
Featured! version Tipsy.Stack.v.1.0.5.rkUh.dmg [42 kbytes]
OS X 1.1.2-Tipsy-Stack-DJ1LzQ.pkg [57 kbytes]


Updated version VERS-1.2.8-SHREDO-WKHP.ZIP [7102 KB] 1.2.3
Best! version [154675 KB] 1.2
Updated for El Captan [870 KB] 1.5.0
Version El Captan VERSION.1.1.0.EASTER.EGGZTRAVAGANZA!.BFLAG.TAR.GZ [190648 KB] 1.0.3
on 10.14.2 VER.1.6.MCOPYREMOVER.BYL.DMG [32768 KB] 3.2

| 55 kb | App 2FY7 version 1.0.4 Tipsy Stack 3.0.2 Recomended for MacBook Pro
| 57 kb | Get 9WN Tipsy Stack version 3.0.2 1.2.2 Featured High Sierra

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