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Go to Options, then Preferences, select VST, then click add, then select the folder where the VST is located (its on my desktop), click re-scan, apply and then click OK, but when i try to add an instrument to the track the new VST does not appear.
I'm running the Mountain Lion, and I have noticed that older VSTs don't show up even when installed in the Plug-ins/VST folder. I have assumed that VSTs older than around 2009 that simply aren't compatible with either Reaper or OSX. Check the release dates, and don't waste your time with older VSTs.
"SWS" stands for "Standing Water Studios". It is Tim Payne's project studio. It's aptly named as all of the incarnations of the recording space have flooded at one time or another. Tim is the project founder.
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1.17 REAPER's Installed Folders and File Location
apply AIs when applying pan/width via VCA
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Register and log-in at to locate and download the Panorama files applicable to your DAW and operating system. Run the installer included in the zip file and follow the onscreen instructions until complete. Supports iMac i5quad/12gbRAM/1Tb Glyph drive/1Tb samples drive > Motu828mkII ---- Still run my GatewayM520 2.8ghz XP laptop. Video editing, 3D work and audio with zero problems. All site contents ©2019 Casey Connor unless otherwise noted. REAPER for Mac OS X (PPC) REAPER for Mac Holy cow. Spend some money on a good DAW that people know NOW and make money NOW. Why is it that people must insist on dodging the here and now for something sucky and free that might be good tomorrow? A powerful and configurable DAW, relatively easy to use and great value for money

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