Alerts you when the caps lock is on. ???? how install to Mojave

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Capster version 3.0

Capster is an easy-to-use application that will tell you when you've pressed the caps lock, either on its own or through Growl. When you press the Caps Lock key, Capster's menu bar icon will change as well. For touch typists this is a great way to keep your focus on the screen. If you accidentally press the Caps Lock key all the time, Capster is exactly what you need.

New for 10.14 [885 KB]
to 10.14.3 3.3.CAPSTER.EJWA.DMG [995 KB]
Featured to 10.13.4 7NI.CAPSTER.V.4.0.TAR.GZ [903 KB]
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Best! version q5r_Capster_ver._3.2.dmg [783 KB]

The Growl Project
Key for repack 3.0 Capster

10.11.5 Vgc-MuseScore-2.1.pkg
Recomended OS X mp08fr_M1_ver._1.7.9a1.tar.gz 0.7.11a1
New to El Captan V.1.8.6_CONTROLPLANE_8FR.DMG 1.7.6

Software 29B9 CAPSTER V.3.3 4.0 MacBook Pro
Get Capster version 3.1 FH2Bu 3.3 Best 10.12.6

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