on MacBook how download Texture_editor_and_polygon_shape_creator..dmg

Description: SpriteHelper / Bogdan Vladu / Development / Editors / 8192 KB


SpriteHelper is a texture editor and a polygon shape creator for Box2D / Chipmunk Physic Engines. It automatically selects the bounding boxes of your sprites and saves the information for you, like uv, sprite position in image, rectangle dimensions. Most off all, it lets you create polygon shapes for Box2D and Chipmunk libraries. You can generate code for Cocos2D and AndEngine for Android (next update will add support for CORONA). Ideal for games but it can be used with any graphic project. For Cocos2D you just select which physic engine you want to use (Box2d or Chipmunk). For AndEngine is as easy as grabbing a sample project (or create your own project) and paste the generated SpriteHelper code into it. Now you don't loose time adding your sprites in the game or looking for the right uv's in your sprites. Now you create you physic shapes with just a few clicks. Also you can view the app in action in this YouTube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-Gjhc6FHgg.

New for Sierra SpriteHelper_version_1.8.337_lJkGt.tar.gz {8437 KB}
Best Sierra version-3.8.307-spritehelper-uky.app {7864 KB}
on 10.14.1 1DLHL0.1.9.307.SPRITEHELPER.PKG {9830 KB}
Recomended! version SgDPa-1.8.317-SpriteHelper.dmg {7782 KB}

Bogdan Vladu
Official: http://www.gamedevhelper.com/spritehelper/

Featured! version ZAU_ver_4.0_Burger_Bustle.dmg 2.2
New! version DHS.V.
Updated for 10.14.1 v-3.3.1-Camera-Record-Pro-JwZoG.tar.gz 4.1.1

| 8192 kb | Update SPRITEHELPER VER 1.10.307 2WBN 1.11.307 Version for iMac Pro
| 9502 kb | Get LFCf SpriteHelper vers.1.8.327 1.11.307 Updated 10.14.1
| 9175 kb | Yl4Lcl SpriteHelper version 1.8.327 2.8.307 Updated version
| 8355 kb | Download vers.3.8.307 SpriteHelper jKbDm0 1.8.327 on 10.11.4
| 9666 kb | Download LZ4 1.8.337 SpriteHelper 1.8.347 Featured 10.11
| 9420 kb | Get Q0pF SpriteHelper vers.1.8.317 1.8.337 New! version

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