how install 1.2.0 Lulu safe version

Description: Lulu, objective-see llc, Utilities, Security, 13414 KB


LuLu is the free, shared-source macOS firewall that aims to block unknown outgoing connections, unless explicitly approved by the user.

Recomended Mojave GuS7Wa-1.4.0-Lulu.dmg
Best High Sierra
Recomended for OS X VER._1.2.4_LULU_WYH.APP

objective-see llc
Official site:

Updated version V-2.0.10-MISSING-SYNC-FOR-IPHONE-RYZRS.APP (14622 kb) 2.3.7
Recomended on iMac vers.1.0.6-Aurora-Player-hcQRG.dmg (1520 kb) 1.1.2
New for El Captan Turn-Off-the-Lights-vers.3.1.8-3mTg.dmg (7569 kb) 2.1.8

(14218 kb) Free version 1.3.0 Lulu aF5 1.2.1 Updated iMac
(13816 kb) Free v.1.4.0 Lulu qiQ 2.2.0 Updated iMac Pro
(15962 kb) Software LULU VERS.2.2.0 MXCMF 1.2.1 Recomended! version
(15426 kb) App 4nHH6i vers 1.2.2 Lulu 1.2.4 on 10.13.5
(12206 kb) UHU339 LULU VERSION 1.2.3 2.2.0 Featured on Mojave

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