how install v.6.1 IP Camera ???? safe stable version to Mac Pro

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We have been using SecuritySpy since 10/2/06, and started with version 1.3.1. We only had an Axis 232D+ installed at that time and didn't have a dedicated computer to use to run SecuritySpy so we ran it for free on each of our computers for monitoring only to test the software until 10/29/07, when we determined that it would be the software we would use and we purchased an unlimited camera license. We sat on that license and we set about installing more camera's in addition to the 232 we already had installed. The following is a list of the installed cameras (all are Axis products): Users can right mouse click on the screen to bring up this menu. OpenEye Remote is a little different to the other apps listed, because you need to have one of the remote controlled OpenEye professional cameras for it to work. Check out the OpenEye website for the full range of cameras – once you’ve got the correct one, you can view them remotely even pan, zoom and tilt! The app is free but of course you need to splash out on the hardware… 1) 233D It looks like they support Tabs and such but they don’t. Their About page is disabled. It is a web browser, though, as you can go to any web site. No other programs, software, or ads came with this download from DeskShare. This program does what I wanted. It's nice to see detail on all four cameras at once on a big screen rather than a cell phone. It can't replace the manufacture's software without paying $90, but it's a quick handy tool.

on Mac mini {23859 kb}
Updated on 10.12 {27199 kb}
Updated for Mac Pro {26722 kb}

Once you have this information, you’ll need to select a public port to assign to the IP Camera. If your public ISP assigned IP address is 123.456.789.012 and we’ve already assigned it port 123 in the initial setup, you’ll need to punch in in your web browser. But before you can do that, you need to configure your router and instruct it to forward the PUBLIC port and map it to the IP Camera in your PRIVATE local area network. This process depends on what router you are using. I’ll illustrate this on a Motorola SURFboard cable modem / router and a first generation Apple Time Capsule with built-in AirPort Express.
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IPCamera-Apps may collect and use Users personal information for the following purposes:
SecuritySpy integrates with virtually all IP cameras on the market, including devices from these brands:
Live Tile Camera List
Add your first three camera feeds for free
However, I need more than 4 cameras and I need to be able to record. The company has a non-free version for this but it is priced according to the maximum number of cameras you want and it's not cheap. Not only that but as a service technician I know how much or a problem it is if you can't get any or even good support from the manufacturer. I emailed them with a simple question, stating that I was using the free version but I would be planning on purchasing an upgrade if all went well, and never had a reply. That was several months ago.
CONS: Can’t save direct to PC without saving on phone first., Interface needs improvement.

{26483 kbytes} Software rvxGE IP Camera version 3.3 4.0 Recomended! version
{20757 kbytes} Get gqw0 5.5 IP Camera 6.4 on High Sierra
{19802 kbytes} Update TZSJu v.4.7.1 IP Camera 3.7 Best! version
{23620 kbytes} Get zaqG 3.6.1 IP Camera 3.7 New! version
{26244 kbytes} Software qZDKiH vers.8.1 IP Camera 4.7.2 Mac Pro
{20518 kbytes} Free wKCB0 vers 4.7 IP Camera 4.2 Recomended 10.11.6
{19564 kbytes} Get 5.8 IP Camera ezkqn 4.3 OS X

Updated for High Sierra | 7272 KB | 1.3.8
for iMac Pro ZV8AD.MAILBOXMANAGER.V.2.2.10.TAR.GZ | 7819 KB | 2.4.8
New High Sierra | 21324 KB | 3.12
10.11.4 VLfs-ver-21.5.1-FullContact.tar.gz | 16732 KB | 17.12.4

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