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Tiny Planet version 1.0

Tiny Planet is a action-packed shooter in a wonderful cartoon world. The planet of Baboo is being attacked by horrible aliens. You are on it since years, you will fight for your liberty! Those terrible aliens will not stay alive for long! FEATURES - Action-packed and innovative shooter with loads of fun - Unlock 6 awesome and powerful weapons and upgrades - Gorgeous Graphics - Casual, pick up & play game, perfect for your boring moments FIGHT FOR YOUR LIBERTY Tiny Planet is a fun, fast-paced shooter where you play as Baboo and protect your planet by shooting the bad aliens. Drag your cursor around the planet and Baboo will run and shoot automatically. Click on each bonus to get explosive weapons and powers! Using a really simple but addicting gameplay, you have to pay attention to everything, as the fascinating world of Tiny Planet can change quickly. UPGRADE YOUR ARSENAL Use the stars you collect to unlock new stunning weapons and power-ups. These exceptional bonus will appear randomly, you will have to be fast to catch them! Destroy more aliens by using the powerful fireball launcher, electrocute them with your lightnings, freeze their blood with a spine-chilling power and protect yourself and your planet using the shield and more! Use powers and weapons to increase your score and eleminate those terrifying aliens! KILL THEM ALL Don't be afraid by those orange aliens, there are not the toughest in this crazy world, there are even more impressive enemies. Fight until the end and you will be rewarded with a great score. Challenge your friends by e-mail and tell the world how good you are! Get and play Tiny Planet NOW!

New 10.11 G4TjRS_Tiny_Planet_v_1.3.pkg (10895 kbytes)
New 10.14.3 ptYimr.ver..1.4.Tiny.Planet.zip (15798 kbytes)

Official site: http://www.fabulapps.com/tinyplanet
Software key 1.0 Tiny Planet

Recomended for MacBook Pro SeaMonkey.vers.2.49.1.rc6F.zip 2.49.3
on High Sierra 97WNMC.VERSION.1.3.MOOF!.NOTES.ZIP 1.1

{15661 kbytes} App Tiny Planet v.1.4 YGLFu 1.2 Sierra
{16070 kbytes} Software sxSRV 1.4 Tiny Planet 1.2 Updated 10.13.6
{14027 kbytes} Software mM3 v 1.1 Tiny Planet 1.2 Featured on iMac

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