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Now makes sure quotes are trimmed from meta refresh url Fixes problem with plus disappearing from application icon while progress bar is showing (Integrity plus) Late 2013 - 13-inch - Adds 'link text' column to 'by page' view El Capitan will also remove files from those directories that don’t belong to Apple. Upgrading to El Capitan will therefore disable some software you want, but also pull out old cruft that isn’t needed, and perhaps kill some lurking horrors. Only Apple installer software and software updater can modify the contents of those folders. released November 2011

iMac Pro [7977 kb]
Recomended MacOS [9908 kb]
Updated version [9404 kb]

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released as Release Candidate January 2013 Adds option to check linked files (linked external stylesheets and javascript files etc) while scanning More character encodings added to the list of supported encodings. Adds Thai encodings (windows 874 and TIS-620), Japanese (Shift_JIS) and some Simplified Chinese (windows simplified chinese, HZ_GB_2312 and GB_2312-80) "... SiteSucker is a Macintosh application that automatically downloads Web sites from the Internet. It does this by asynchronously copying the site's Web pages, images, backgrounds, movies, and other files to your local hard drive, duplicating the site's directory structure. Just enter a URL (Uniform Resource Locator), press return, and SiteSucker can download an entire Web site ...": Mac OS used to feel like a Great Wall of China for a while, yet now each Mac user has to exercise caution. However, Mac malware in the true meaning of the term is still rare. There are only a few programs created specifically to damage your system. Most of what’s called malware is actually ransomware, adware, and the likes. Something that aims at your credit cards rather than your hard drive. Better 'soft 404' support - a list of terms which are searched for in the url and content of internal and external sites. Then compare the computed hashes with the values shown near the link for the downloaded file. Server response time is logged. This is the time taken between Integrity sending the request and receiving the first response. This may not reflect the actual server response time if Integrity is running a large number of threads, or if the internet connection is busy

{7305 KB} jEc 8.1.16 Integrity Plus 6.11.7 Updated version
{6969 KB} App v.8.1.30 Integrity Plus 6NMb 8.0.6 Recomended! version
{9488 KB} App Integrity Plus 6.11.9 caVydl 8.0.8 New MacOS
{7473 KB} Download rQgh Integrity Plus 8.2.0 8.3.2 MacBook Pro
{7221 KB} Update INTEGRITY PLUS 6.11.11 XJASA 8.3.15 for MacBook Air
{8480 KB} App INTEGRITY PLUS VERS 8.6.13 66BZZ 8.1.15 Best for Sierra
{8229 KB} App rYfZmm Integrity Plus vers.8.3.7 8.2.3 Recomended Mojave

Best for OS X 0WXVTN.8.2.8.DELIVERY.STATUS.PKG [5935 kb] 6.2.10
MacOS [16237 kb] 3.42.2
MacOS vers.7.6.3.Scrutiny.WpYl09.tar.gz [15814 kb] 8.1.3

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