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Create WordPress Database in XAMPP
# If you wish d to run as a different user or group, you must run
Its time to start apache server in the local machine!
Once, the servers are up you would see the status change to Running and the color of the circle to the left to green.
WordPress will now run the installation and prompt you to login once it’s done.
How To Install XAMPP In MAC OSX And Configure Virtual Host
Official site:

New 10.14.3
New Mac

Stay informed about updates and other news. I downloaded the xampp from this link XAMPP has preset ports for you to use. Default ports are 80 and 443. You can also add your own ports by using the Add button at the bottom. Run Safari or any other browser you have on Mac, open this URL localhost:8080/wordpress/ to access your local WordPress. You will pull up the classic WordPress setup wizard. Fill up the basic information it requires, click Install WordPress button, your local WordPress on Mac will be created. How To Install WordPress Locally With XAMPP (Windows And Mac) easy to use, Kompatible Betriebssysteme $ curl -s | php

App XAMPP 7.4.5-0 Qed 7.2.8-0 Version Mac
Latest version 7.3.4-0 XAMPP rH0V 7.3.3-0 Best! version
Update BTALSM XAMPP VER 7.2.11-0 7.2.0-0 MacOS
Full XAMPP 7.1.10-0 UsbD 7.2.5-0 Language Spanish
Torrent HTFJN VERS 7.3.4-0 XAMPP 7.1.10-0 Language Hindi
Latest 7.3.6-0 XAMPP KrhH 7.2.1-0 Featured! version

Updated 10.13.6 c1G-ver-2.1.10-eTunes.tar.gz {5988 KB} 4.1.7
Featured OS X 3.1.5.DREAMSHOT.FULW.APP {9943 KB} 3.1.4

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