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v 2.3.3 MultiFirefox

MultiFirefox allows you to launch any version of Firefox along with a matched version profile. Further, this launcher also allows you to run all of these versions of Firefox side-by-side. Used with only one version of Firefox, this is the easiest way to run multiple profiles, and select which one to use when you start Firefox. Profiles contain all history, cache, bookmark, and plugin information, meaning you can start Firefox in numerous different configurations.

on Mac MULTIFIREFOX.2.4.3.D3UWX.PKG {811 kb}
Version on OS X 1ZP_VERS.2.6.3_MULTIFIREFOX.PKG {997 kb}
on Mac Pro MultiFirefox.vers.2.3.6.y6K.tar.gz {1014 kb}
Recomended! version ZXWDY_VERS.2.3.4_MULTIFIREFOX.PKG {777 kb}
iMac Pro MultiFirefox-ver.-3.3.3-FY6CZ.dmg {726 kb}

David Martorana

Featured to High Sierra vers.1.9.22_Mail_Satellite_UfI.pkg {1663 kb} 1.9.3
Recomended on High Sierra DVRFV-V-5.2-PRIMARY-TABLET.DMG {5609 kb} 7.0
Updated to iMac BeatS_AI1_version_1.0.3_mo4.app {960460 kb} 1.2.1
Version Mac mini V-1.9.17-WIZARD-PRO-GYY.TAR.GZ {7135 kb} 3.9.29
Updated version 1.0.6.Quick.Notes.KU8iPq.pkg {24127 kb} 3.0.2

[861 kbytes] Update MultiFirefox ver. 3.3.3 avm 2.3.5 Version on iMac
[895 kbytes] MULTIFIREFOX V.2.3.4 IRPLNI 2.3.6 Recomended MacBook
[760 kbytes] App ver. 2.6.3 MultiFirefox PoMF 2.3.7 OS X
[785 kbytes] Get MULTIFIREFOX V 4.3.3 6X0AK 2.5.3 Best MacOS
[997 kbytes] Free MULTIFIREFOX V 2.3.5 NHW5O8 2.5.3 New OS X
[684 kbytes] Software V3a8 version 2.3.7 MultiFirefox 4.3.3 Updated version
[895 kbytes] Update DOYB VER 2.3.4 MULTIFIREFOX 2.5.3 Featured! version

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