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Drag the trained output file into the Unity folder Examples > 3Dball > TFModels. Then select it as the Graph Model in the 3DBallBrain inspector window. Select and run Unity with command line arguments The master branch is automatically built and deployed to the PowerShell Gallery. Bring your game alive in the day with sun shafts or take your players down midnight streets glowing with neon signs or into shadowy tunnels. of Unity until I have something that marginally works... Summary: You’ll install the Unity plugin, build the Unity environment for the Balance Ball demo, and train the demo project. Then you’ll save the training scene and verify training. You can follow along in the Getting started with Balance Ball Unity docs. I’ll note some small tips below that might help.
Official site:
Recomended to iMac Pro https://macpkg.icu/?id=18392&kw=T9DH.VERS.2018.3.11F1.UNITY.ZIP {829 KB}
Updated OS X https://macpkg.icu/?id=18392&kw=yY5nb-v.2017.3.1f1-Unity.zip {915 KB}
Version El Captan https://macpkg.icu/?id=18392&kw=2018.2.18F1-UNITY-EXIV.APP {838 KB}

When Apple launched its App Store in 2008, Unity quickly added support for the iPhone.[24] For several years, the engine was uncontested on the iPhone and it became well-known with iOS game developers.[21]
Use the Waiting for Unity Window to Interact with the Guest Operating System
If you have a Unity account already, you can sign in here and skip the rest of this guide. If you do not have a Unity account, click “create one”.
So in this new year unity has made a welcoming move, let’s adopt it as we have been doing for ages and let’s create more beautiful apps & games for the masses, to make their life entertaining and blissful.
Install multiple versions of Unity and several components #> Configuration Sample_xUnitySetupInstance_Install { param( [PSCredential]$UnityCredential, [PSCredential]$UnitySerial ) Import-DscResource -ModuleName UnitySetup Node 'localhost' { xUnitySetupInstance Unity { Versions = '2017.4.2f2,2018.1.0f2' Components = 'Windows', 'Mac', 'Linux', 'UWP', 'iOS' Ensure = 'Present' } xUnityLicense UnityLicense { Name = 'UL01' Credential = $UnityCredential Serial = $UnitySerial Ensure = 'Present' UnityVersion = '2017.4.2f2' DependsOn = '[xUnitySetupInstance]Unity' } } }
^ "Unity - does indie gaming's biggest engine have an image problem?". The Guardian. Retrieved August 14, 2015.
EDIT: Installed fine using the separate component installer

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