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ImageExpo is the ideal presentation and demonstration tool for Symbian/S60 and Windows Mobile phones: ImageExpo enables displaying the phone screen on a PC or a video projector in real time via USB, WLAN or Bluetooth connection. It brings maximum attention and quality to any application, service or device related presentation. The software consists of two parts: an application installed in a smart phone and another application in a PC. ImageExpo connects to the PC and projects the phone screen on the PC display. An advanced compression algorithm guarantees seamless data transfer and accurate colour and image reproduction, making the presentation enjoyable for the audience. ImageExpo runs in trial mode once installed on your computer. You can use the trial mode to explore all product features and verify that ImageExpo works correctly with your phone. Please note that a separate license is required for each phone where ImageExpo is used. Key Features - Show phone display on PC monitor or projector in real-time - Control phone with PC keyboard and mouse - Take screen shots and record video clips of phone display. - Easy setup and connecting of device to PC via USB, WLAN or Bluetooth Supported phone and pc operating systems - S60 3rd and 5th Edition - UIQ v3+ - Windows Mobile v6.1+ - Mac OS X 10.3 or later (with Java v1.5+) Contact Us If you have any questions or comments please contact Product Manager Jenni Alasuutari by phone +358 40 729 6922 or by e-mail support.product@digia.com

OS X imageexpo_vers_4.21.2444_ply4m.app (5808 kbytes)
Featured iMac Pro ImageExpo-v.4.23.2244-9w3vp.app (6183 kbytes)
New on Mac Pro bRh9mz.ImageExpo.v.4.22.2244.tar.gz (7432 kbytes)
Version 10.13.4 ImageExpo-vers-6.21.2244-vuKtAi.tar.gz (5434 kbytes)
10.14.3 AOym_ImageExpo_v.5.21.2244.dmg (6745 kbytes)

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on High Sierra V.2.7.STUDY.CENTER.RGQ5.APP (3691 KB) 1.8
New 10.11.5 3TRJ-V-0.99.10-SECURE-PIPES.ZIP (2681 KB) 0.102.6

(6495 KB) KNF 4.22.2244 IMAGEEXPO 4.21.2644 Updated version
(7432 KB) Update XZY 4.21.2544 IMAGEEXPO 6.21.2244 Recomended High Sierra
(7245 KB) VERS.4.21.2344 IMAGEEXPO HCOJCR 4.24.2244 El Captan
(6620 KB) Software 5js ImageExpo vers.4.24.2244 4.23.2244 Featured to OS X
(5059 KB) Free 5.21.2244 ImageExpo vtgP 6.21.2244 Featured! version
(7370 KB) Update OUgMs0 ImageExpo 4.24.2244 4.23.2244 10.11
(5871 KB) Free XNOi0P ImageExpo vers 4.21.2444 4.21.2544 Featured to 10.12.5

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