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The Greenfoot interactive development environment can be used to learn object orientated Java programming without having to set up a programming environment that uses complex language and rules. Using Greenfoot, you can create objects and then create programming statements to give the objects the ability to interact with other objects in the Greenfoot window. Conditional behavior Try it: Create a constructor in the Actor subclass Demo: The act() method Demo: Methods Greater than or equal

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About Tux, of Math Command, AKA TuxMath, is based on the classic arcade game "Missile Command." Tux must defend his cities. In this case, though, he must do it by solving math problems. Installing in Ubuntu Install "Tux Math" via Ubuntu Software Center. Kdenlive
Demo: Creating and saving a new scenario
To flip cards: In a vocabulary game, the Card subclass may hold multiple card images. One image may hold a vocabulary word, and another may hold a vocabulary term. When the player clicks the card with their mouse, it flips the card (changes the image), displaying the vocabulary term.
To use methods to re-position instances:
For example, a constructor for an Actor subclass may create the instance and then set the image of the instance, initialize any other variables the instance may be using, position the instance in a specific location, or change its size.
Use comparison operators to compare a randomized value to another value in a control statement.
Combines two boolean variables or expressions and returns a result that is true if either or both of its operands are true.
A class contains the specifications that define the appearance and movement of an object. The class provides instructions to Greenfoot on how to create and display instances (also called objects) when they are added to your scenario.

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