on High Sierra installer VERS. 7.4.0 VECTORASTER

Main category: Multimedia Design
Sub category: Illustration
Developer: Lost Minds
Filesize: 14131
Title: Vectoraster

https://bitly.com/2WCQAg7 ◊ Vectoraster_v.7.4.0.dmg

Font character elements. A new element node type has been added, letting you add text characters from any installed font to your pattern. PatterNodes 1.0 released Improved editing of offset and angle values. X/Y values (like offset or position) or rotation angle in selected nodes can now be edited by clicking and dragging directly in the pattern preview panel. When this is possible a little blue icon is shown next to the value fields and in the corner of the pattern preview. Improved performance and memory management. It seems that something got broken in the recent 7.0.7 update, causing problems for some new users to unlock the full version after purchase. If you're having this problem with a "Null" error message, use the "Send feedback/bug report"-item in the Help menu to contact support and get help unlocking. Steps to remove Vectoraster from the dock: 1. Hold the Vectoraster or any other program icon until all of icons wiggle (or hole the Option key for a few seconds)

Featured MacOS https://macpkg.icu/?id=22547&kw=vers.7.3.1.vectoraster.v4y.zip {11304 KB}
Version for Mojave https://macpkg.icu/?id=22547&kw=zE5_Vectoraster_ver_7.4.1.dmg {11870 KB}

Key list 7.4.0 Vectoraster

- Raster patterns now extend infinitely when offset, allowing for more subtle radial rasters. Graphic Mac Server updates with improved security Vectoraster 6.1.2 for Mac OS X Summary: Fixes a scaling bug in MOV, MPEG4 and GIF animation exports on retina macs. HypnoBlocks 1.1 released, for iPad and iPhone - New and improved single-window interface with full screen support.

Get XSJ VERSION 7.3.3 VECTORASTER 7.3.7 Featured! version
Update Rx2E 7.2.1 Vectoraster 7.3.0 New! version
Software Ww2FJ v 7.1.1 Vectoraster 7.2.2 on MacBook
Free ZR2 Vectoraster v.7.3.2 7.3.8 Updated version
Get VER. 7.3.7 VECTORASTER 8L6SH 9.4.0 Version on OS X
Get Vck Vectoraster v.9.4.0 7.3.4 Updated version
Free v.7.2.6 Vectoraster Lua 7.7.0 Featured! version

Featured for 10.14.1 4.9.9-Mobirise-0YUIF.app (70355 kbytes) 4.9.5
iMac Pro Integrity-Plus-vers.8.1.01-1W6vr.tar.gz (9656 kbytes) 8.3.15
on El Captan RightFont-vers-4.3-3sV.zip (7065 kbytes) 4.9

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