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Konzern Theme is a RapidWeaver theme that is built with focus on functionality and flexibility. Its main design was built on needs for a professional business theme for RapidWeaver. As you know, there are many excellent themes available for RapidWeaver but most of them are not built for business sites. They look and work good for your own personal blog or presentational site and probably that's all you want. The Konzern Theme is different: with included features like Google Site Search, Multi-Language Support and Static Navigation, you are prepared to work on business sites. Also you will find tons of style variations and design possibilities to adjust the overall design to your needs.

Featured High Sierra zsv4xi_ver._1.6_konzern_theme.dmg [1276 KB]
New iMac Pro 3GBa_1.4_Konzern_Theme.dmg [1290 KB]
on High Sierra VERS-2.2-KONZERN-THEME-22Z.TAR.GZ [1247 KB]
Best 10.12 [1276 KB]
Version on 10.12 mX39Dm-vers-1.3-Konzern-Theme.pkg [1362 KB]

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Version Mac Pro Transfer.vers. [1751 kbytes]
Version Mac mini Symantec.Encryption.Desktop.v.10.5.2.aC4UZs.tar.gz [24961 kbytes] 10.4.6

[1405 kbytes] Update ASF Konzern Theme 1.6 1.3 Recomended to 10.12.4
[1362 kbytes] Download XQrd Konzern Theme v 2.2 3.2 Featured! version
[1577 kbytes] App n3zYGB ver 2.2 Konzern Theme 1.5 Best on Mojave
[1534 kbytes] Download v.2.2 Konzern Theme JZso 1.6 Featured! version
[1175 kbytes] ev4 1.6 Konzern Theme 3.2 Best MacOS
[1606 kbytes] Update Konzern Theme ver. 3.2 7n4tL 2.2 iMac

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