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Zoom is a Z-Machine, which means that it plays text adventure games written in ZCode. The original games were written by a company called 'Infocom' in the 80's: these are available on the Infocom Masterpieces CD, published by Activision. Unfortunately, Activision seems to have lost interest in this title - however, there are a few companies that have a stock of this CD (I bought mine from here). In around 1993, a compiler called Inform was released that allowed ordinary mortals to create their own ZCode adventures. This sparked quite a revival, and there are many games available for download here: ftp://ftp.ifarchive.org/if-archive/games/infocom/ The Mac OS X version supports all the features of the X-Windows version, has a much better user interface, and supports several extra features, such as speech output.

Featured 10.11.4 Zoom_vers_1.1.6_5IE.zip | 5971 kbytes |
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Andrew Hunter
Official: http://www.logicalshift.demon.co.uk/mac/zoom.html

on 10.12.6 6K2Y0F-VER-4.28.6-ORG-CHART-DESIGNER-PRO.ZIP {52630 KB} 2.0.1
for 10.11.6 ADCO.Remo.Repair.PSD.vers. {3474 KB}
Version Mac Pro 2fb-2.0.7-Bits.app {6802 KB} 1.0.8
Updated version ISCHEDULE_V.1.1.8_YSPF.ZIP {4096 KB} 1.1.6
Version to 10.14.3 APPCLEANER-V.5.5-FG3P.ZIP {2887 KB} 3.7

Software ieR 1.4.5 Zoom 1.2.5 Best! version
Download VR1W Zoom 1.2.5 1.1.8 on 10.12.6
Software 1.1.7 ZOOM LDC14 2.1.5 New on 10.12.6
Update Zoom v.3.1.5 Yii4 1.2.5 for Sierra
VER 3.1.5 ZOOM YSXW6L 1.3.5 Best for El Captan

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