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If you were using Onavo and have privacy concerns, remove the Onavo app from your phone and install World Connect from the App Store. We’ve been building VPN apps that adhere to strict German privacy laws since 2002 — this is the VPN app you can trust.
Condensed Layout (VPN Tracker 7 Pro)
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The AT&T Global Network Client is an app that allows iOS® devices (iPads™ and iPhones®) to easily access your AT&T IP VPN services to your company’s corporate network as well as the Internet. It provides a simple, powerful interface that automatically detects and connects over cellular, WiFi, broadband.
I have a new Mac, how do I apply my VPN Tracker 10 license to my new computer?
We're a firm advocate that if you wish to stay safe online, you should consider more than one layer of security. Mac anti-virus software, for instance, protects you from malware, but it doesn't hide your digital footprints. So long as your Internet use can be tied to your unique IP address, this information can be used to track you. This is why some people choose a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to connect a device or computer to the Internet.
VPN Tracker supports VPN gateways that perform Dead Peer Detection (DPD) to detect unresponsive VPN clients and gateways. VPN Tracker's rekeying abilities enable it to reliably re-negotiate encryption keys. It automatically renews DHCP leases over VPN, to let you stay connected as long as you want.
It also has the added benefit of working with any VPN connection, even those that don’t offer user authentication. This lets you to block VPN access for an individual user without having to distribute a new connection to your entire team.
#1 VPN client for macOS / OS X
VPN Tracker's Secure Desktop makes it easy to organize your daily remote tasks: Just add the applications, file servers and other data that's needed for everyday tasks and workflows.
World Connect Advantages

[15057 kbytes] KAP VPN TRACKER WORLD CONNECT VERS 1.3 1.4 Updated MacBook
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[17183 kbytes] Software E7Jhem VPN Tracker World Connect ver. 1.5 2.2 Version 10.12.4
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on High Sierra V7BE-TRAILRUNNER-MINI-VERSION-3.6.5182.DMG [7047 kb] 3.6.5493
New on El Captan [374675 kb] 4.4.11
Best! version VER._3.3.4_FSNOTES_N9W.DMG [9478 kb] 3.2.4

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