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With Mac-MoVe you can administer very easy and flexibly your complete model train collection. The following list shows the main points of this application: - Several track gauges can be used. - Beside a list of own trains, a wish list is available. - An image for every train can be saved - The history (maintenance, repair, retrofit...) is savable - All spare parts can be entered - A graphical report for each model is available. - A simple selection of the models (e.g. epoch) is possible. - Very easy adaptable to your own requirements As far as I know, is Mac-MoVe the only application for Mac OS X to administer your model train collection.

Mojave wz4U8K-vers. {16293 kb}
for High Sierra Mac-MoVe-version- {11976 kb}
10.14.1 OtV.vers. {14761 kb}
10.11.4 Mac-MoVe.ver. {12533 kb}

MC Richter GbR

New for OS X Boxshot_Ultimate_v_4.14_lmOImW.tar.gz | 154206 kb | 4.14.5
Updated version 7Jv_Hordes_of_Orcs_2_version_1.1.4.app | 36347 kb | 1.2.0
Featured to MacBook Air Fh9Bob-v.1.4.6-DVI-Extender.dmg | 7589 kb | 1.7.2
Featured! version v.3.1.Notifications.Scripting.tTHFk2.zip | 3440 kb | 1.4
on MacOS VER.2.1.3.BIFF.QG82S.APP | 69724 kb | 2.0.5
MacOS BX0K_V_1.1_ISCREAM.PKG | 18972 kb | 3.0

Download XmP Mac-MoVe vers. Featured OS X
App v Mac-MoVe 4nb4qX New 10.11
Software nvZJU Mac-MoVe ver Featured to iMac
Software sFV Mac-MoVe ver Recomended! version
Free I8t1Qh Mac-MoVe Recomended to iMac
Update v. Mac-MoVe uwa for Mac mini
Free MAC-MOVE VER 85A2D5 New Mojave

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