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Speak for Yourself is an application designed by two speech language pathologists specializing in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) with an evidence-based foundation. This application is consistent with motor learning principles, uses a word-based vocabulary of the most frequently used words in communication, and contains features important in developing automaticity and language. Individuals learn to use their communication device with the same principles they use to play an instrument or type on a keyboard. Speak for Yourself has the capability to begin with one word, but contains almost 11,000 Smarty Symbols® and allows the user the potential to access almost 14,000 words, with no more than two touches to say a word. Complex page navigation and scanning are eliminated to allow fast, consistent access to language! Powered by CereProc’s speech system to give our voices character, emotion, and personality. Regardless of their current language level, this application can meet people where they are and provide language for a lifetime, because it’s a basic human right to Speak for Yourself.
Proloquo2Go 4.0 Goes Deeper into the Core of Communication with Crescendo™
Proloquo, download gratis Mac. Proloquo 2.0.2: L'assistente per chi ha difficoltà di lettura. lettura testi file audio trasformare programma per scrivere download itunes Pubblicità Download Proloquo 2.0.2 Download per Mac Pubblicità ...
And then, she writes, "I did something I had never done before: I went into one of the many Starbucks at O'Hare and ordered my first mocha frappuccino by myself. No misunderstanding or hand gesturing involved. It was so cool, like another door had just opened for me! ... I feel like technology is finally catching up with what I truly need."
5. When you receive an error code states that Proloquo 2.0.3b1 has been removed completely, please close MacRemover, then restart your computer
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• Use your regional vocabulary and accent with British, Australian and American English, Parisian and Canadian French, Castilian and American Spanish, and Dutch and Flemish. The app also supports bilingual use, and you can even switch languages mid-sentence
We also offer group or individual training in how to set up and use your technology to achieve your goals. You may benefit from training in using features such as speech-to-text and text-to-speech to support communication, using reminders and notifications to support memory, using planning apps to support organisational skills, using specific apps for work or hobbies. This funding is claimed under a participant’s CORE budget (Access Community, Social And Rec Activities support item).
We’re there for you every step of the way. Help articles in the app are there whenever you need them. New to AAC? Our website has background resources in the Learn AAC section, and the AssistiveWare Core Word Classroom includes activities for teaching AAC effectively. You can also connect directly with our AAC community on our Facebook groups. If you have any questions, our support team is available 7 days a week, and is happy to help.
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A series of language learning apps, Speech With Milo, is a playful way to help children with language delays that need extra assistance with speech. Created by a licensed speech-language pathologist, the app uses an animated mouse to entertain toddlers and young children while teaching. The Verbs version of the app demonstrates over a hundred actions, such as “bounce” or “swing.” The Sequencing app teaches the concepts of order and storytelling. The app is available for $2.99 in both the Play Store and on iTunes.
Use2talk comes with a fully customizable basic library organized in several commonly used categories, all you need to do is record the audible clips for the items you need.
Proloquo can also act as a talking word processor and advanced speech engine for KeyStrokes™ on-screen keyboard and SwitchXS™ users.

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