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Uno vers.1.6.5

Uno is a basic, light-weight text editor for Mac: it has almost all the base functions you would expect from an editor like TextEdit. Indeed you'll find it has fewer functions than TextEdit because it is designed to work only with text in the simplest way: starting from a blank window you can do practically anything with your characters. As it is a pure text editor it doesn't work with images or photos you'd like to put in your text. It does open Rich Text Format files (.rtf) and Unicode-formatted Plain Text files (.txt): it saves both as .rtf and exports as Plain text. Note for Mac OS X 10.5 users: although there is a Universal version of this app (see above), it has not been tested carefully on Leopard, and thus it could run with some issues.To read about Known Issues, go to this page.

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to El Captan BKOE_UNO_VERS_3.6.5.APP [504 KB]

Luca Marzano
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Recomended for 10.14 CGYWY-VERS.2.1-COCOTO-KART-ONLINE.APP | 106035 kbytes | 1.5
Recomended Mojave | 21761 kbytes | 5.6.5
to iMac Pro ver.-1.1-Touch-Bar-Demo-AX46p.tar.gz | 377 kbytes | 1.4

(369 KB) Update Uno v.1.8.5 1Swo 2.6.5 Sierra
(535 KB) App VERS 3.6.5 UNO 037X 1.6.6 Featured El Captan
(490 KB) HHN3F VERS 1.6.7 UNO 1.7.5 10.11
(378 KB) Free K3FEE VERSION 1.6.9 UNO 1.7.5 10.11

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