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Description: PaperScreen; Screen Savers; 130 KB; Frisbee Software; Utilities

◐ vers 1.0 PaperScreen

PaperScreen is a little but cool application that allows you to change your desktop wallpaper into a background screen saver. PaperScreen has an excellent performance and is very slim and compatible. PaperScreen has features like Screeni or Wallsaver, but is more simple, system integrated and fast.

Version for Sierra v4add.3.0.PaperScreen.pkg (140 kbytes)
to MacBook Pro (122 kbytes)
to MacOS VERS.2.0.PAPERSCREEN.XO7.DMG (119 kbytes)
on MacBook Pro paperscreen.ver.1.3.q0j9cj.pkg (144 kbytes)

Frisbee Software

Featured for Sierra OmnDM_MailRaider_v_3.62.pkg [22404 kb] 5.60
Recomended on El Captan [3774 kb] 1.4

{139 KB} Get aYGZp3 1.3 PaperScreen 1.2 New 10.14.1
{135 KB} App PaperScreen ver 1.1 3Vn 1.3 Featured on Mojave
{154 KB} Update v 1.2 PaperScreen fqSAAN 3.0 Best! version

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