v.3.2 LiveView where download 10.12.5

LiveView - Designs and Graphics - Graphics and Design - 1638 KB - Nicholas Zambetti


LiveView is a specialized network screen viewing application intended as a tool to help designers create graphics for mobile applications. It is also useful for creating quick interactive demos and experience prototypes. LiveView features: - Develop pixel-perfect graphics for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad quickly and easily with a live view of your canvas/artboard while you work in any Mac application. - Interact with software prototypes and demos running on your Mac to communicate and iterate your concepts quickly by controlling your Mac's cursor via touch.

for iMac Pro version-3.5-LiveView-dgJel.zip (1670 kb)
Updated to 10.13.6 LiveView-vers.3.6-KJotQC.pkg (1883 kb)

Nicholas Zambetti

MacOS 0.11.5_Itsycal_4cpWky.zip | 1064 kbytes | 0.11.6
for MacOS K2QJR.JOYBIDDER.EBAY.AUCTION.SNIPER.FREE.VERS.1.10.76.DMG | 44498 kbytes | 1.9.79

{1326 kbytes} Software lIFlwV version 3.6 LiveView 3.3 for 10.13.5
{1719 kbytes} Free vers.3.4 LiveView w2L 5.2 Featured for Sierra
{1785 kbytes} Download JBX9F LIVEVIEW VERSION 3.4 3.5 Updated version
{1523 kbytes} Software LiveView version 3.6 Sr47W 5.2 New OS X
{1687 kbytes} App o3tutB LiveView vers.3.4 4.2 Updated to MacOS
{1752 kbytes} Update LiveView vers 4.2 CYV1 3.4 New to Mac mini

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